Frank L. Ikuta is a highly trained, well-respected dentist with over 30 years of experience. In this biography, we’ll explore the diverse background that has shaped his professional career to date. Immediately following high school graduation, Frank began his education in 1980.

1980: B.A. in Biology, University of the Pacific, Stockton, California

1983: D.D.S., University of the Pacific Dental School, San Francisco, California

1983: Established Private Practice in home town of Reedley, California

The mid-80s:

Pride Institute, San Francisco, California

Through in-office consulting, lectures and workshops, their teaching was initially important in establishing proper business systems and structure. This structure later proved to be foundational and many of the principles still remain today. Behavioral skills such as communication, team building, and leadership training paralleled the clinical and management teachings. The management consulting continues to present through Mosaic Management and Pam Gorrell, Mountain View, California.

Pankey Institute, Key Biscayne, Florida

The next major influence came from the training and exposure to the clinical and philosophical teachings of this group. Of course, the advanced concepts of occlusion and periodontal health were available then and continued to greatly influence how we practice today. The philosophical orientation and behavioral skills necessary to accomplish this type of practice are taught and supported.

The 90s:

The late 80s and the commitment to mercury-free restorations, along with the development of the total-etch technique, posterior composites, and the developments of ceramics marked a major change in the type of restorations offered. Computers in the treatment rooms, intra-oral cameras, and photography began to change how we looked at and communicated dentistry to our patients. The original work done in Japan, as expressed by Dr. Ray Bertolotti and Dr. John Kanka, completely revolutionized how we restore teeth, allowing us to bond to teeth. Also, implants allowed us to replace teeth for the first time.

2000 to present:

Pac-Live, San Francisco, California with Dr. David Hornbrook and the help of Dr. Bill Dorfman of Discus Dental was the beginning of Frank’s esthetic journey. Through a serious of courses, important esthetic and functional concepts were taught. Frank developed a love and passion for learning more and applying this concept to his practice.

It was natural that there was a tremendous gratification in improving the appearance of people. Frank found joy in and making patients feel comfortable during visits and providing dentistry that would work and last. It may seem obvious, but providing a solution to a want versus a need completely changed the orientation of his practice. Dr. Ikuta feels that customer service, through a well-developed and trained team, is still and even perhaps even more important that ever. Cosmetic and functional dentistry, digital imaging, team building, and an ongoing commitment to communication continues to be his focus.


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